Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 1 in the CTM (MTC in Portuguese)

Ola meus familia e meus amigos.  Como vai?

I am having a blast in the CTM (MTC in Portguese).  I have a really awesome district and some really great elders that I have the honor of being here with.  I even have 5 Brazilian friends that we eat meals with everyday.  Three of them don't speak any English so we have conversations in broken Portuguese.  It is a lot of fun.  They're hilarious.  I can feel my testimony growing each day.  I heard a quote on Friday that changed my outlook on my entire mission.  It said "You do not go to the MTC to learn Portuguese, you learn Portuguese to fulfill your calling as a missionary."  When I understood that my language learning skyrocketed.  I'm in the top two of my class, tied with a sister who has joined our companionship because there are no other girls in our district.  I heard another great quote about missionary work that changed things for me too.  It was the MTC Presidente paraphrasing Paul in Corinthians about putting off childish things.  He said "Don't act your age, act your calling."  I think that's a beautiful thought that when understood can really make the difference between a good missionary and a great one.  The final quote I want to share is about obedience.  It reads "Obedience brings blessings, strict obedience brings miracles."  We have rules we need to follow as missionaries, but if we do the blessings of Heaven will not be held back and people will be touched and lives will change.

Elder Tyler Andrew Bushman

P.S.  The food here is far better than I expected.  Guarana is the best soda ever.  There are a few scary foods, but generally it's really good.  Lots and lots of meat, rice, and beans. ;)

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